About Us

The core is the story

Our team is behind award winning films, international TV series and feature films as well as advertisement, tourism films, music videos and documentaries.

We specialized in branded content for independent brands and countries such as Ecuador and Chile.

Our in house productions haven been distributed through HBO and Sun Channel.

We have service shoots for NETFLIX, BBC, HBO Max among others.

Our passion lies on telling stories that defy conventions, share truths and help widen peoples views.

Chronos Cinema is home to an ensemble of content creators, who write, research and plan, and more than anything love to create distinct pictures, working together with brands, businesses and organizations to give life to content that combines high caliber quality with a unique and original perspective.

Our Roots

Filmmakers from the USA and Chile, founded our company. But our experience has taken us all around the world, filming not only in the American continent, but also in South East Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe, creating a vast network of collaborators around the world.


Among the companies,
we work with: