Quito’s tourism office commissioned it’s new international campaign to Chronos Cinema. With more than 10 years of experience in tourism productions, and with several productions in Ecuador, including work for National Geographic in the Galapagos Islands, Chronos set up a crew lead by director Ignacio Walker, who had won several international awards for his films in the tourism industry.

For this production, we assembled an international team, working with key creative people from Chile, Ecuador and the United States in Los Angeles, including one of the sound designers from the six Academy Award winner movie La La Land.

The script was developed by Sergio Allard, Denis Arqueros (both behind the award winning feature film “Juan in a Million”) and Ignacio Walker while the executive production was done by the hand of Andres Navarro and Diego Echenique. Locally the production was in charge of Adrian Espinosa who has being working with several international productions in Ecuador.

(From left to right: Isabella Chiriboga, Sergio Allard, Ignacio Walker, Denis Arqueros)

For this production we used top of the line technology to bring Quito to life like never before. Including an 8K RED Epic-W camera, and an Inspire 2 drone capable of shooting 5.2K RAW video. For the hyper lapses we used a 5D mkIII and Canon prime glass.

The approach of the film was to tell a compelling yet simple story about the reasons that drives a passionate person to travel the world, while showing an extensive list of places that Quito Tourism wanted to have in the film. Our star was chef and model Isabella Chiriboga, who portrait our main character beyond expectations. For her voice in the narration, British photographer Cat Allen, provided a beautiful tone that added a lot of depth to the short.

(from left to right: Sergio Allard, Isabella Chiriboga and Ignacio Walker)

The music production was in charge of Arturo Zegers at Estudios Triana in Chile, who has worked with director Ignacio Walker in productions for South East Asia, Middle East and other countries in South America before. He brought Felipe Markman to compose the music, and Benjamin Walker with Alejandro Saenz for additional arrangements. Taking the music to a whole new level of world music with a modern touch.

(from top to bottom: Felipe Markman and Arturo Zegers)

The final post production was in charged of Kine Imagenes, with colorist Kenzo Mijares and composing by Jaime Gandara and Hans Toso. Kine imagenes was in charge of the editing of the Academy Award nominee “A Fantastic Woman” by Soledad Salfate.

(Kenzo Mijares doing Color Grading to the final film)

We are really proud of the final product and expect to keep working with the Quito Tourism Office in the future.


Directed and edited by Ignacio Walker @primowalker
Script by Sergio Allard, Denis Arqueros and Ignacio Walker @tecoallard @darqueros
Local producer Adrian Espinosa @adrianespinosa.s
Starring Isabella Chiriboga @chiribogaisabella
Narrated by Cat Allen @eyespycat.photo
Narration script by Ignacio Walker
Cinematography by Sergio Allard, Denis Arqueros and Ignacio Walker
Aerials by Sergio Allard and Ignacio Walker
Hyperlapse and Timelapses by Denis Arqueros
Music by Felipe Markman @borajbanda
Music Produced by Arturo Zegers at Estudios Triana, Chile @arturozegers @estudiostriana
Additional Music Arrangements by Benjamin Walker and Alejandro Saenz @benjawalker @hausikuta
Violins by Felipe Aros
Drums and Percussion by Pablo Chaparro
Color by Kenzo Mijares at Kine Imagenes, Chile @kenzoml @kine_imagenes
Post Production by Jaime Gándara and Hans Toso
Sound design by Daniel “Vago” Galindo @vagogalindo
Clothes accessories by Paula Cortes @paucortes

Chronos Cinema wishes to thanks
Casa Gangotena Hotel @casagangotena
Plaza Grande Hotel @hotelplazagrandeuio
Quito Tourism Office @quitoturismo
All the restaurantes and people for every single delicious plate of Ecuadorian food that we ate
Manuel Aguirre @manuelaguirreph
Every single person that was part in every way in this production.

Quito Tourism Office
Veronica Sevilla
Dennis Swanberg
Carla Cardenas
Oscar Lopez

Chronos Cinema Production
Andrés Navarro
Diego Echenique @diechenique

RED Epic-W
Canon 5D mkIII (Timelapse and Hyperlapse)
Inspire 2 Drone with X5S

Canon 16-35mm f.2,8
Canon 24-70mm f.2,8
Canon 24-105mm f.4
Olympus 15mm (Drone)
Olympus 45mm (Drone)

Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro 2018
Color in Da Vinci Resolve
Post Production in After Effecs
Audio in ProTools

A Chronos Cinema Production

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